We are not strictly a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but we are committed and proud to prepare and serve these dishes, because we honour and respect peoples’ dietary needs, values and ethics.
Below you will find the cross-contamination food safety protocols we live by.
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The Sands Bistro

Kitchen Cross-Contamination Safety Protocols

As a celiac (severe gluten allergy sufferer), Karen is committed to helping other people to eat well and feel well (no matter what allergies or food preferences they may have), so she totally understands the vital importance of making sure that the risks are as minimal as possible for cross-contamination of allergens or excluded foods.

During the last decade, Karen has developed a very strict working kitchen ethic so that she, and her customers, can know that if, they too, are gluten-free, vegan or intolerant to any foods, Karen makes absolutely sure that her food is as pure and as safe as possible.

Here is a list of kitchen cross-contamination safety protocols and codes of conduct that we implement in our restaurant and kitchen at The Sands Bistro Torrevieja:

  • We have specific prep areas for gluten-free and vegan dishes.
  • We use dedicated equipment and utensils for gluten-free and vegan cooking.
  • We use a colour-coded system for utensils, cutting boards and equipment to differentiate between those used for gluten-free, vegan and regular items.
  • We store gluten-free and vegan ingredients separately from gluten-containing and non-vegan items.
  • We clearly label storage containers for easy identification.
  • Being a celiac herself, both Karen and her husband, Dave, are expert at understanding dietary requirements and are highly experienced at recognising gluten-free and vegan ingredients.
  • We clearly label allergens on ingredient containers.
  • We are fanatical hand-washers, especially after handling gluten-containing products.
  • We use separate gloves for gluten-free and vegan food preparation.
  • We use separate fryers for gluten-free and vegan items.
  • We use separate pots, pans and cooking utensils to avoid cross-contact contamination.
  • We have rigorous cleaning and sanitization schedules for all surfaces, utensils and equipment.
  • We encourage open communication with our customers about their dietary needs.
  • We only source ingredients from reputable suppliers and verify the gluten-free and vegan status of products.
  • We regularly review and update ingredient lists.
  • We have specific serving areas for gluten-free and vegan dishes to minimize the risk of cross-contamination during plating.
  • We clearly indicate gluten-free and vegan options on the menu.
  • We include a disclaimer about the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • We are trained on appropriate actions to take if cross-contamination occurs.